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Maggie Jessberger

Carson City, Nevada
My fursona Yukaige is both My furry and antro character. Anthro is more of a spiritual thing. The Fox is a mysterious creature both sly and cunning. I added a demonic look to her because of my ever changing temper. Its like I have something locked away that can come out when I'm mad, happy, or sad. Yukaiges fur is a calm dark blue. She has orange highlights around her eyes which complement her blue fur. Her eyes are green. I'm Just a girl who loves being silly, acting like a fool, and making stupid mistakes. I try to be friends but I tend to get lonely a lot. I'm shy and kinda a shut in but once you get to know me I really open up. Whenever I have a crush on someone I usually act like a fool and can't get up the nerve to even talk. LOL. I am a Furry. My fursona is Yukaige who is a blue fox. I have a Partial fursuit of her which I made myself. I enjoy attending anime conventions. I am an artist. My Art Name along with my Fan character name Is Rao Odiheme. That's about all I can think of right now so.....K bye ^_^